Roady Song

Every day I get home from work, I go to my closet to get into some comfier clothes. After leaving the closet and proceeding to walk through the bathroom and then bedroom, Roady shuffles backwards, facing me, and barks at me as I walk. He often rams his butt into walls or the other dogs... Continue Reading →


Fire Trees

This sunset was so beautiful and vibrant that the trees and grass almost looked like they were on fire. Too bad the perfect angle couldn't be achieved without a shadow in it lol

Hover Cat

I love the Hover Cat pictures, especially the huge, orange fluffball of a cat that looks like he's going 100 mph. I imagine it'd be really terrifying for the mice being chased by Hover Cat! Extra fast!!!

The Flesh Eaters

My visual translation of "The Flesh Eaters", a term coined by Paul Sunstone 😀 The Flesh Eaters need a steady supply of meat shoveled into their cages via WordPress. Hahaha

Another day, another dollar

Years ago we were moving things around in the office to organize. After moving one of the desks, we discovered a dead cockroach laying on top of an extension cord, which was plugged into the wall. It was just funny that it happened to die on that particular spot, only about a square inch in... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Sky

It's amazing how beautiful the sky can be. I'm obsessed with colors, especially when produced by nature. I always have the urge to eat them. Nom nom! Even though I'm not a professional photographer, I really enjoy taking pictures. Of course the pictures don't do it justice, but I was happy to be in this... Continue Reading →

Do you even meditate, bro?

I've been trying meditation here and there. I think it is good for the mind to be cleared once in a clearing your browser cache. It gives me a feeling of "aaah, that's nice. Get rid of all the unnecessary data". My friend Sarah has been meditating for a while and that is what... Continue Reading →

The Nonchalant Beard

One day, Fresh Hell and I were walking downtown to get ourselves a coffee treat on our lunch break. We walked past the tables outside where people were sitting and enjoying their coffee, but once we got inside we noticed something was a little off. There was an extraordinarily fluffy person sitting at one of... Continue Reading →


I grew up playing the many versions of the Legend of Zelda. This video game series is very close to my heart. I drew a little sketch of the Windwaker version of Link years ago. LoZ makes me happy ❤ 😀 My top faves: Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask Windwaker Twilight Princess A Link Between... Continue Reading →

I live with a Star Wars creature

Oh, Roady. Such a unique dog. Very creaturey. I plague my friends with weekly photos of Roady the creature. Sometimes he goes incognito and acts like a normal dog. Other times he changes into a creature of the night and becomes insane. Here begins the weekly Roady photo(s). For your viewing pleasure:

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